Barış Manço Biyografi

Barış Manço was born on 2 January 1943. His father's name is Hakkı and his mother's name is Rikkat Manço. His mother's was The Turkish Art Music artist. Especially during middle school education years be became interested in music. He went Galatasaray High School and he founded a music group with his friends in Galatasaray High School. The group's name was ''Kafadarlar'' and this was his first group. His second group's name was ''Harmoniler'' then he moved on to '' Şişli Terakki High School''
     He finished high school. After that, he studied graphics interiordesign and painting in the Belgian Royal Academi between the years of 1963-1971. He joined a music group in Belgium. It's name was ''Lemistgress''. This group had American, Belgian, Italian, North American, and British musicians. After that, he went to Paris. He made two records in 1966, Paris. The he returned to Turkey in 1970. Barış Manço, Fuat Güler and Mazhar Alanson founded a music group and its name was ''Kaygısızlar'' He made a specially song, its name was ''Dağlar Dağlar''. He won a gold record on account of this song. In 1971, he stuydied together with ''Moğollar'' After that, he founded '' Kurtalan Ekspres''  music group. He got married to Lale Manço in 1978. They had two sons. Doğukan and Batıkan. In 1980,  

       He made a song and its name was '' I'm a song'' so he won a gold medal in ''Gold Orfe''.  He became guests on lots of TV programs in other countries. He did concerts in a lot of countries. He joined Eurovision in 1983i but he only passed the semi finals. In 1988, he did a TV program in TRT1. İts name was '' 7'den 77'ye''. He made lots of songs and he won 12 gold, 1 silver prizes. Lastly, he died on 01 February 1999 in Moda/İstanbul